Southington home the Snedeker
family rented from 1986-1988.

Did the eldest son have cancer?
Yes. The real life Matt Campbell, Philip Snedeker, had a cancer of the immune system called Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Did they move to be near a hospital?
Yes. The Haunting in Connecticut true story reveals that the real life family, the Snedekers, moved on June 30, 1986 from Upstate New York to 208 Meriden Avenue in Southington, Connecticut to be near UCONN hospital for their son's Cobalt treatments. -'A Haunting in Connecticut' Discovery Channel Documentary

Was the house really a funeral home?
Yes. Darrell Kern, the former owner of the Southington home, confirmed that prior to purchasing the property in the 1980’s, it had served as the Hallahan Funeral Home for multiple decades. -Hartford Courant

Did the mom really not know that the house was formerly a funeral home?
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Did the mop water turn bloody red?
Yes. According to the real mother herself, Carmen Reed, then Carmen Snedeker, “The mop water was blood red. I mean a deep, deep red. It made my skin crawl. I started getting nervous that I was ruining the floor.” -A Haunting in Connecticut

Did the dishes put themselves away?
Yes. While the movie depicts this occurrence happening to the eldest son, Philip Snedeker, the Discovery Channel documentary reveals that it actually happened to the mother. “I thought I was losing my mind," Carmen recalled. "I know I set the table but the dishes weren’t there.” -A Haunting in Connecticut

Did they really find old pictures of dead people?
Yes. In this website's correspondence with the real life mother, Carmen Reed, she stated, "There were a couple of photos in the home, but there were many toe tags and a head tag. There were other personal items of the deceased.”

Did the real life Matt find bodies in the walls of the home?
No. The bodies in the walls were created by Hollywood to explain who was haunting the family and why. Since the bodies had never been properly laid to rest, their souls remained trapped in the home, struggling to get out and find peace.