Biography is a Film and Blog distribution platform created to enable women and children all over the world to express their thoughts and ideas through films, videos, blogs, and social media. Leveraging the #SocialMediaThatPays business model of Film Annex Networks, gives women the ability to earn money for original content. Women’s Annex shares advertising revenues from advertising networks with our content providers based on the BuzzScore algorithm, which measures reach, influence, engagement, and the quality of the content created. The BuzzScore model is pioneering a shift from people's eyeballs to user engagement for Advertising Networks and Brands.

Topics featured on Women's Annex include education, arts, business, and sports. Women's Annex receives 6,000 license free professional films and videos from Film Annex Networks, and the platform enables women to self-distribute and monetize their film and written content, and to connect with female role models through videos and blog post. encourages women all over the world to be financially independent self-starters.

Women's Annex Foundation, Inc.

WAF = Women's Digital Literacy, Sustainability, and Community Building was established as a not-for-profit 501 c-3 to facilitate, grow and foster "Digital Literacy" for women in developing countries. Women’s Annex Foundation initially gave internet access to the women and children of Afghanistan, and that vision has been expanded globally to include the impoverished women and children in the 245 countries, territories, and islands around the world. The goal is to train these women and children in Digital Literacy so that they can create a sustainable economic model for themselves and their families.

Blog Posts

CEO @BitPesa Elizabeth Rossiello Talks about Digital Currency using Mobile Money System

Women's Annex

  "At BitPesa we enable businesses and individual to receive international payments from abroad: for salaries, for trade, for e-commerce and for remittances."                                                                                                      …

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