A Complete Guide of Forex Factory Part 2

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"Blog Intro"

The blog is a tutorial blog and its only for the learning purpose. The blog is a complete guide of Forex Factory website, which is  used for the fundamental trading to read all type of news which relates to the Forex Market. It has complete guide about "how to use forum in the Forex Factory?"  Please read it's Part 1 before reading this blog.

"Author Intro"

Fouzia Ramzan is a science teacher and currently teaching in GOVT MODEL HIGH SCHOOL. She is a mutli tilented girl. She is a forex trader and trading since 2008 in currencies. Fouzia Ramzan is a moderator in Forex Signal Services (GCCI). She is blogging since 2011. She joined bitlanders about one year ago and this is a second blog for bitlanders by her. Before writing for bitlanders she was writing for the Google Adsence. She has her own blog on blogspot.com with the niche of "Forex Trading".

"A Complete Guide of Forex Factory Part 2"

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Today I'll write about the Second part of the Forex Factory Guide. Before I start the blog, please read its previous part if you didn’t read yet, please click here to read the Part 1


Watch the tutorial video before start reading the blog.

"Understanding Fundamentals for Beginners"

Video Source: Jarratt Davis Forex Trader Via YouTube 

I am going to elaborate on some other features of the said site.


In the first tab of the page, we have three categories of threads.

i)                    Topics

ii)                   Last Replied Threads

iii)                 Latest Threads under any head threads.

Image Source: Screenshot#1 Via Forex Factory

i)                    Topics:

In this portion, we can see various topics where traders and users of forex factory post their replies and share their experience about relevant topics. You can choose any one of them to learn about it by reading useful replies and questions posted by many traders. Just check and try it now by Clicking here “Interactive Trading” 

Threads and replies appear to be available under each topic which it has been gotten till now.

As you can see the image below, I get it after clicking the link; here I have a latest thread “EURUSD only”. It has all the important information about the thread like;

Starter/Started: The user who has posted it first;

Thread: The short topic of the thread;

Last Post: The posting time of the thread;

Last Poster: The latest person who has replied to the thread

Replies: Finally the number of the replies on the thread;

Image Source: Screenshot#2 Via Forex Factory



Tip: The topic which has got maximum numbers of threads and replies can be considered as most important and you should read it first.


"How to Use Forex Factory Part 1"

Video Source: Forextrader006 Via YouTube 

ii)                   Last Replied Threads:

Here we have a thread which got the latest reply on it. Here we have an “EURUSD Only” thread. So we can go through the page by clicking on it, (ref. Screenshot#2 >Read Box) or Click Here

Okay, so now we have three boxes here, I’ve mentioned them with the red box (ref. Screenshot#3 )

1- The first one box is representing the pages number, you can read more and more till the end the replies on the thread.

2- The second red box is representing the poll the starter makes for the thread.

3- The third red box is representing the story of the thread.

Tip: The tip is about the second red box, representing the poll of the thread, as in the poll we have three options to choose any one of them as an answer of the question (So, should we allow correlations?)

a)                  Yes, but no chars, please!

b)                  Yes, and charts are okay too!

c)                   No, we shouldn’t allow them at all.

Image Source: Screenshot #3 Via Forex Factory

So, readers, the second option is really very good to choose here, as I’m an experienced forex trader so I know the value of the charts, that’s why you can see the poll also have the maximum vote in the second option. In my next blogs, I will describe charts or charts pattern too.

iii)                 Latest Threads under any topic:

This portion is representing the latest threads under any topic. Here we have the first one is “which pairs are you buying and why?” 

Image Source: Screenshot#4 Via Forex Factory


We can find the thread by clicking its name (Ref. Screenshot#1>Red Box #2&3). I have divided the page into 4 sections by red boxes so that it can be easier to understand.

The box number1 shows the topic, under which this thread has been posted.

Use the Second red box to reply this thread, you can ask any question relevant to the thread, I hope you will get very good and complete your desired answer.

The third red box shows the story of the thread. Read it carefully and ask a question or give suggestions if you have any about the thread.

The fourth and the last red box shows the replies of the other users like you, scroll down to get more replies.



Scroll down the forum page we will get four more options (Ref. Screenshot#5> Red Boxes)

i)                    All Forums / Last Replied

ii)                   All Forums / Latest Liked

iii)                 All Forums / Hottest Threads

iv)                 All Forums / Most Liked 12H

Image Source: Screenshot#5 Via Forex Factory





i)                    All Forums / Last Replied:

In this section, we can see the post with all details which recently got replied. Here we can see the starter of the thread, total numbers of replies, and the last reply time. We can read any one of them by clicking its name.

Image Source: Screenshot#6 Via Forex Factory


ii)                   All Forums / Latest Liked:

In this section, the site shows us the posts with its story, which has recently liked by any user. See the image (Ref. Screenshot#5>RedBox2 & Screenshot#7 Red box and Arrows). In the details, we can read the thread and also can see the time of the last reply. In the last we can see the thread under this reply or like has been posted.

Image Source: Screenshot#7 Via Forex Factory


iii)                 All Forums / Hottest Thread:

It has all details in its name, as it is the hottest thread it means the thread which is most popular among the forex factory community. Let me clear it will never consider by the number of replies, it’s considered by the thread importance in forex trading. Well, we'd like to read all the posts, but the Hottest Threads should read.

Image Source: Screenshot#8 Via Forex Factory


iv)                 All Forums / Most Liked 12H:

In this section, we have the most liked posts in last 12 hours. The posts which most replied and viewed by forex factory users are set up here. We can read the last reply of the thread. At the last of the post, we have the thread name to know which thread was discussing in the reply and in addition the time of the reply also at the above of the post.

Image Source: Screenshot#9 Via Forex Factory


So this was a complete tutorial guide about the Forums Tab of the Forex Factory. I hope you guys are really enjoying reading these tutorials and I hope you can make a good profit in your forex trading to use forex factory, after learning through my blogs. I will try to accomplish all the tabs of the sites in next blog. But as you know if I will go in details it really can’t be published in one blog. So please keep connected. Guys, be ready for the next tutorial blog.

This blog is written by Fouzia Ramzan for the BITLANDERS.

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