A photographers life.

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My name is Shane St Louis,

I'm 28 years of age, I'm from Canada, Ontario.


I'm an intermediate photographer.

I started out photography when I lived up in Northern Ontario, A small town called Elliot Lake.

I lived with my dad at the time, And I used to play videogames all the time and my problem was I had temper issues, So days on end I'd be getting mad at my games, Swearing and cursing that would put a Sailor to shame,


One day my Dad recommended photography and I gave it a chance, He bought me my first camera, 

I then got hooked on the subject, I spent a few years learning how to slow life down to appreciate the beautiful parts of nature and things that I'd take for granted.

I spent days on end in the garden and watched how the bee's lived and the different life forms around the wooded areas, I would take photographs with of course trial and error but I'd still learn from them,

I read magazines and watched YouTube to learn more about it and 6 years down the line I am taking amazing photographs where I share them with family and friends, 

I might not have a job at this very moment but it's still very relaxing to just freeze time and appreciate it.



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