Advantages of Blogging Online

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Advantages of Blogging

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Hello friends

I'm going to discuss the advantages of blogging online and will explain here the benefits of blogging on different sites like bitlanders.


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Dear friends, I'm blogging online since 2013 and found very useful. Here are some well-known advantages of blogging online. But first, let me tell you the basic introduction to blogging.

What is blogging?


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Blogging the word stands for working online by writing articles on different subjects for readers. Blogging is done for increasing knowledge and getting money. Blogging may contain written text and images, videos and embedded quotes. Blogging contains our thinking on different topics of life and helps other people to increase their knowledge. We share our thoughts and knowledge through blogging and can help people.


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Blogging is also known as article writing and can give us thousands of benefits. Written articles are published on the internet or printed in books and newspapers. Articles are published for earning money or for only general knowledge.

Blogging helps us in different ways and have wonderful benefits which are discussed here.

For English improvement:


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Because the majority of websites and newspapers online insist on writing blogs in the English language so it is compulsory for you to be well aware of English. The English language is an international language and with a minor difference this language is spoken and used in almost many countries and now online work is done in English. Many online social websites allow to write and earn through blogging in English same like bitlanders. The blogger like Google blogger and word press also allow writing your blogs in English. Your customized web pages on these blogger websites are in English only. Because of the importance of English language, you have to be well known of English language and grammar. For Grammar improvements, I've already written in a blog and you can take help from Grammarly tool which is available online. blogging online will increase your knowledge of English and so you will definitely get amazing benefits.

For General Knowledge:


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Dear friends, I'm blogging online since 2013 and found it really helpful for general knowledge. I increased when I wrote blogs on different topics and I also gained knowledge from different books and Wikipedia website. I wrote many blogs on the cities of Pakistan and I was astonished when I read the historical background of these cities. There were many things which I don't know before. I felt the blogging really helpful in increasing my knowledge and got many new things. I was not familiar with many personalities and when I started writing about them online, I got knowledge from books about them. I also gathered information from many websites and so I was able to discover many new things.

Dear friends, you can also increase your knowledge by blogging and your information will be increased due to this.

Earning Purpose:


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Today, we are living in the situation that we cannot depend on one job and we have to find a part-time work for earning income. some friends of us try to work on stores in night time and some of us try to work in different companies and factories in night shift. Working part-time is not really a easy work. We can also work at home and can earn a suitable money by blogging on the internet. We can earn a very good income by blogging on bitlanders and sincerely want to tell you that you can earn enough and can serve your family with simple blogging. Blogging helps the people earning a good revenue for their expenses. So it is also a good advantage of blogging that we can earn at home.

Tell your thoughts to the world:


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Due to blogging on the internet, you can share your thoughts with the world and can easily tell the world what is in your mind. Blogging is a platform and using this platform you can easily tell the people your opinions and thinking. Your ideas and thinking may give many solutions to the people who may be looking for a problem on the internet. You can share your knowledge and can help the people. Sharing your knowledge and experience is also a great work and I will say a great job. So it is very easy to share your knowledge online through blogging.

Be social with blogging:


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Due to blogging on bitlanders, I personally want to tell you guys that I've found many new friends, met with many new friends and found it really helpful. I can also be online through bitlanders and so became more social. Social means that my friends increased. You can also be social through blogging and can find and meet many new people. Meeting new people and discovering many new things is very easy with blogging. You can also take help from your friends and so you can take advantage of being social on bitlanders. Furthermore being social your way of thinking gets increased and you can expand your knowledge with the help of your friends.

Establish yourself on the internet:


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Blogging on the internet and on different websites, you can establish yourself as a blogger, as a business promoter and can expend your view. You can also gain fame through blogging on the internet.

Promote your work online through blogging:


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You can also promote your work on the internet through blogging and can gain more consumers for your business. Through blogging, you can clearly tell your consumers what you have and what you want to sale. You can publicity your items online and can tell the world about your business or work.

Dear friends, Blogging gives us many advantages and we can earn money and get many benefits through it. Blogging widens our way of thinking and can give us many advantages. I am sure that you will like my work.

Thanks for spending your precious time in reading my blog post.

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