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For many of you who don't have any idea about 'futsal', it's actually the short version of football that includes not more than 5 players overall from each team, one as a goal keeper and the rest players divided into defenders, midfielders and forwards. The ground for futsal is also small as compared to international standard grounds and most importantly as compared to the original format the time is also shortened to 20 mins per half which makes it more interesting than ever.

Though futsal was played as basic practice for every game, it became popular during the 2000s. Soon there were video games, posters, competitions and tournaments all over, with the interesting format this game was a hit and still played across the globe. Afghanistan is no different, this game is very famous in Kabul, fact is they are pretty much good at it.

As naturally born athletes, Afghans love sports specially football, no wonder it lead them to the finals and they are the leading South Asian Champions. Many Afghan refugees play both football and futsal, they are famous in Pakistan, Sohail an ethnic Afghan is in the national football team of Pakistan, futsal players, however are divided into two teams and were so good, they knocked out 14 teams all together in a total of 16 and qualified for the finals in the most competitive tournament in Pakistan known as the LUMS Sports Fest (LSF).

Fact is, the calibre of Afghans in futsal was unmatchable which lead them to grab both the top slots in the particular tournament. The winner team was 'Khyber Pukhtunkhwa FC', lead by 'Rahim', the team's captain and man of the tournament (how good can a player be). Rahim and team members are currently studying in Iqra National University Peshawar and the other Afghan futsal team lead by 'Haroon', many of the team members study at Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar. I really am proud of my fellow Afghans and being part of their victories side, it cannot get any better (Yes, I supported both the teams till finals).


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