Afghanistan in 2013, FilmAnnex keywords and Afghan Development Project

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It is almost around 8 months which I have started my journey in FilmAnnex world. I met Francesco Rulli on June 2012 while I was in a business trip in NYC by Bpeace. In my first meeting he took me to his office and in an hour he was speaking about keywords, social media, Buzz score, Klout  and being a thought leader in which I had no idea how I can connect them together and why he was insisting on them! I went back to Afghanistan a week later by thinking about most favorite Francesco's words.

After exchanging several E-mails, finally I decided to write my first blog for FilmAnnex. It was a short blog . After he read my blog he told me everything in just one simple phrase: "If you want to be a thought leader you have to select the right keywords and find a niche for your writing and  try to share your blog in  social networking platforms in which you influence others and make them interested to know you and follow your blogs!"

Now after 8 months if you Google the phrases like: women in Afghanistan, building schools in Afghanistan, Afghan girls, Internet classroom in Afghanistan, you will find my blogs on the first pages. Francesco thought me something which I would never learn in any university in my whole life and that is the power of keywords and social media.

Together we started the Afghan Development Project Initiative  to build Internet classroom in Afghanistan where our target is 40 schools with 160,000 students. we could open the seventh school in Herat and covering around 30,000 students in total. We designed the social media curriculum and developed an Online Educational Software "Examer".

Beside Education, FilmAnnex sponsored Esteqlal Football team in Kabul Premier League to support  and encourage Afghan youth in sport.


Now it is 2013 which would be a preparation for 2014, a transitional year that  all Afghans have worries and  consideration about it. But for us in FilmAnnex focusing on our goals are the key in which lead us to implement many projects in Afghanistan and help school girls to build their own career in the World Wide Web.

I can call 2013 and 2014 "The Afghans year", these two years are important as we can show the world that Afghanistan is not just war, terror, corruption, destruction but it is the matter of collaboration, support, union and peace.

Film Annex and Afghan Development Project will continue their contributions to open more schools not even in Herat but in other parts of Afghanistan and later launch the project into Central and South Asia and create a great community of students who will follow the motto of "No Politics just Internet".