Atomic energy

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Atomic energy

With the beginning of twentieth century the new concept about mass and energy was given by Albert Einstein , he gave a new idea about mass and energy  relationship according to this Einstein’s idea energy and matter can be converted into each other by the most well-known equation in the sphere of science   . This equation brought huge revolution in the world of science.


New concepts about energy were given but still there was the problem regarding the use of this energy. In 1938 Strassman and Hahn the two scientists were succeeded to split the nucleus of Uranium atom by the process of fission reaction. Later, it was seemed that during the splitting of heavy nucleus into two nuclei, huge amount of energy releases.  After this, on 2nd of December 1942 for the first time nuclear chain reaction was obtained.

Today’s reactors which get energy from the atom are not very effectual machines. They harness only few percent of the total energy existing in the atom. Even this much energy is enormous. It is estimated that energy in one pound of uranium is equivalent to that of three million pounds of coal. The experiments and researches in the anonymities of the atom is going on in many countries of the world. It is expected that before long better and more effective reactors will be capable to obtain atomic energy at a low cost. 

The compact fuel which is gained from atoms provides an enormous amount of energy and also persists longer. Atomic energy may be used for many purposes and in many means. This energy can be used to bring prosperity to the whole creation. Everything has its evils and benefits both likewise, this energy can also be used to destroy the harmony of whole world but it can perform wonders if we have sense and command to use it only for nonviolent purposes. If we don’t have that much sense, man has not many years to alive on this earth.  

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