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As a member of the Bitlanders community your choice in selecting us as a platform for your thoughts and interests identifies you as a forward thinker. Bitlanders believes in rewarding your wit. All it takes is sharing what you know. If you are new to the platform here are some tips on how to get started how to navigate and how things work on the site. Getting started is easy. Once you have made your Avatar, you can visit the online shop and customize your avatar. When you're satisfied with your look you may introduce yourself to the world! For me this meant stating my name and that I was new to the blogging scene and looking to grow with the community. But of course you can say and post what you like. If you want, you can create a biography that tells other users a bit about yourself.

When you begin using the site you will notice you have inherited two new friends to guide you through the use of the site. Micky and Hilary are the built in avatars who help you get started on each feature and tell you how you can create buzz for your profile using the daily quests and quest box side bars. This will help you gain Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to make purchases for your avatar at the online shop, donated to one of our worthy charities or converted to gift cards or cash. There are 19 charities to chose from each with links to their page where you can read about their cause.

You gain Bitcoin the more you interact and share. The greater the quality of your content the more buzz you generate and in turn, the more Bitcoin you gain! Your content is reviewed by a member of the Bitlanders team when you select the “Submit for Review” option after you have posted. Have a quick thought to share? Share it in a microblog. Have a little more to say? Full blogs allow more room to share the whole shebang. You may also post videos and photos. When you have done some work on your own profile be sure to visit the homepage and begin following other bloggers to stay updated and make connections. We can't wait to see what you come up with! Welcome and happy blogging!

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