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What is a Bitcoin?
Please see for more information.

What are your options to withdraw?
We currently only allow withdrawals in Bitcoin

Are any fees to join or monthly fees?
No fees, No Hidden fees.



What are the maximums/minimums for withdrawing?
For security the maximum is $10000 by request. The minimums are small as $0.01.

How many Contracts may i Purchase?
You can purchase Max 1000000 KHS each time, and you can own at max 3000000 KHS. We can offer at the moment17000000 KHS. When our KHS increase we will increase the max contracts you can own.

After i Purchase, how long until i am mining?

After making your purchase, your mining crontracts positions will be valid for a 1 year

What happens after my contract expire?

At the end of the contract term you are under no obligation to renew. Any offer of renewal will be based upon the current rate at that time

Where i can exchange bitcoin for money?

You can exchange bitcoin for money either in person or online. There are numerous website sites that allow you can exchange bitcoin for money, including:,,,, and

Please note: These are 3rd party businesses and we cannot endorse or guarantee their services.


How much time to my bitcoin deposit show on my account?
Your deposit will show on your main account when blockchain show 1 confirmation.

How much time to get my withdraw on my bitcoin address?

Your withdraw is made on automatic mode. Our automatic withdraw cronjob run each 5 minutes, you need to expect to see your withdraw on your bitcoin address at least 5 minutes.

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