Cordoba mosque, the church is being converted

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Cordoba mosque, the church is being converted


I heard envied hy.aaly Aitzaz Ahsan, Mr. Imtiaz Alam direction, Ms. Asma Jahangir, Ms. Tahira Abdullah, Ms. Samar Minallah ... But the short list is too long, the bearer of human rights and respect for religion when they go on leave because of the cruelty and injustice are the Muslims?
Loosely thinks like me, is it a coincidence or is the condition of his employment:
'' Jump, jump, cyku, cry ... But the warning was not in favor of Muslims'.

Spain's attitude can be discussed, but right now my subject. My subject is the internal distribution of intellectual degradation that has tipped the intuition that is damaged. Every second man as enlightened fashion. Tolerance, minority rights, respect religion and God knows what all the names I know the people who run NGOs 'moral education' are busy. The man thinks with an all surprised: How great and eminent people, a high human moral values ​​in society natrasydh talk. But the common man is surprised when non-Muslims are the victims of human behavior and high human values ​​among these preachers' dumb, deaf and blind, become.
Indifference and a wave of shamelessness, the city considered the "enlightened" air walks. A new dictionary has been in existence. If you smile at the funeral out of respect and resistance enlightened, so obsessive, paranoid and be radical. He sat channels enlightened audience that you tell it to you breaking news that Kareena Kapoor's size zero achieved after hard work, but it runs the anchor, Bill did not tell aynkrnyan and flaunt Civil Society How did that day in Kashmir today. Indecent and obscene programs will be broadcast so that the degree of enlightenment, but the call would not go that far fanatics and extremists will not understand.
The values ​​in the society and not the corporate media, confirmed the guests to meet dictionary has changed. Considering imposing a special effort to create a special race is going. It is trying to form a secular society to deceive called enlightened and moderate society, so the shoes of someone after eating onions us that we need to come and tell us that Juhi Chawla Everyone sang the praises of the cow.

Suppose instead that the Spain of the Taliban in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia would have occurred, and that the duty of the church to the church is being built. Can you imagine the reaction of our friends how great it enlightened them. The pain in his eyes, sat down and had talk shows are still fifteen to twenty. But if it is the government of Spain gentlemen have gone on holiday. If I get the answer, I have the problem that Spain must keep our business. He asked if the issue of the mosque of Cordoba Spain the statue of Buddha in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, why could not the issue. Bamiyan is now your left Squares trance cases that you can not be indifferent.... But Mullah Abdul Qadir was executed by the other, they became dumb, Dr. Badie in Egypt hundreds of people are preparing to send to the gallows, but became deaf at this point and the historical mosque of Muslims in Spain is in danger If you are sitting in the blind.
Muslims are mistaken if they come out bkf sword of the Gog and Magog army there or be poured. But when Muslims began to be abused so shamelessly become somewhat indifferent. Some of these behaviors to produce suaalat is natural


1. The media is free in the choice of subjects or restrictions involved in corporate media that did not happen, some of the 'financial head springs, be angry?

2. What is truly independent media in terms of their trends. Or decide that some invisible forces which have remained silent on the incident and how the Loft? Why not raise a campaign in favor of the Muslims. But the error committed by the excellent campaign is parked. We do not say that Muslims are not criticized, but they should, and indeed must be severe if the victim is in their favor because the legs are trembling? Is it a coincidence?

3. Human rights in Pakistan, and such beautiful names of those who made the original purpose. They are working on a particular agenda or they are free to determine their goals and also their sincere.

4. Take money from overseas governments are not free so it can operate independently of how institutions whose survival depends on support from outside?
5. These institutions will undoubtedly be kyrbhy. No evil is not perfect, but the job must be a check and balance the freedom of expression, journalism and human rights work on the external forces are and how you are going to bare his sincerity to work are.

Do they Muslims or non-Muslims should be condemned. Afflicted with non-Muslims or Muslims should be. But behind the elegant rhetoric and ideals only if we take into consideration the requirements of the abdomen man no worse.

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