Digicosm TV Weekly Update 13-Mar, 2011

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Welcome to Digicosm TV, featuring a wide variety of exciting films, documentaries and videos from Australian productions houses Digicosm and Small Wave Films.

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This week’s featured video is GUARDIAN Part 3.
SYNOPSIS: The third episode from the supernatural drama web series GUARDIAN. Carla calls her old flame Russell to inform him of the situation regarding Nicole, his niece. To Carla's disbelief, Russell is reluctant to take her in, but eventually gives in. Meanwhile, Russell continues to see visions of Rachel.
OFFICIAL WEB SITE: www.guardiantheseries.com

Trailers, interviews and behind the scenes featurettes for TRIAL 159 and THE MONSTER IN THE RIVER are now online and accessible from the Digicosm TV home page.

This week, Stephan Kern and Ben Warner covered the topic of SCI-FI FILMS THAT GET THE SCIENCE RIGHT for FiST Chat. Next week, they will be talking about SNAKE OIL SCIENCE.

DIGICOSM TV GUIDE: For a complete list of all films and videos now showing on Digicosm TV.

Featured Episode: LE PETIT GATEAU.
Pastry chef Pierrick Boyer takes Shirl and Ben on a tour of his cake store "Le Petit Gateau", offering insights in to his creations and his unique presence in Melbourne, Australia. Check out photos from the episode HERE.

Visit the official website for our sister channel at www.fooddiscoveries.com – a fun lifestyle series featuring food and drink in various locations. Hosted by Shirl Yang and Ben Warner.

From the teams at Digicosm and Small Wave Films, we hope you enjoy our films, documentaries and videos. You can follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, and also our Film Annex page. Thanks for watching!