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In this blog i will explain the general Definition of the Earthquakes and whats the places which is happened the Earthquakes in there a lot.

Definition of Earthquakes:

Its a result of w sudden and huge movement  which is a rapid shaking of earth caused by the release of the energy.

Types of Earthquakes:

1-Aftershock Earthquake: This type of Earthquake happened after a previous large Earthquake and also happened in the same area of the previous one

2-Blind thrust Earthquake: This type of earthquake doesn't appear any thing on the surface of the earth.

Although such earthquakes are not among st the most energetic, they are sometimes the most destructive, as conditions combine to form an urban earthquake which greatly affects urban seismic risk.

3-Doublet Earthquake: This type of Earthquake occur relatively closely spaced in time and location as an earthquake.

4-Forshock Earthquake: This type of Earthquake occurs before Earthquake event 

5-Megathrust Earthquake: This type of Earthquake occur destructive plate boundaries.  Since 1900, all six earthquakes of magnitude 9.0 or greater have been megathrust earthquakes. 

6-Tsunami Earthquake: This type of Earthquake is very dangerous which is very much larger than any previous type that i mentioned.

List of countries where the Earthquakes happened rapidly there:

Around 75% of the world's Earthquakes energy is released at the edge of the Pacific, where the thinner Pacific plate is forced beneath thicker continental crust along .

This 40,000 km band of seismicity stretches up the west coasts of South and Central America and from the Northern USA to Alaska, the Aleutians, Japan, China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australasia.

Around 15% of the total Earthquakes energy is released where the Eurasian and African plates are colliding, forming a band of seismicity which stretches from Burma, westwards to the Himalayas to the Caucasus and the Mediterranean.


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