Engaging Global Citizen Online Community? by Ambassador mo

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As social media/technology have no borders it is critical to the mandate/goals for Internet based enterprises/NGOs/institutions to engage with the “Global Citizen.” Engaging the “Web Community” is perhaps even more needed than attracting in the first place. After all, what is the purpose unless there is an ongoing exchange to make the belonging meaningful. Jereme Bivins – (about.me/jcbivins) - who knows a bit about engaging and also works with the Foundation Center (See below link) – pointed us to a very brief but outsized contribution on the subject. The role of "community manager" is an under-appreciated role compared to its importance: “The community manager is the most popular role among social media teams (according to Altimeter). It has emerged as the main public face of the social media efforts for most companies. Some companies choose to use junior level employees to manage their online communities, while others commit large teams with hierarchies to the task. “ Citing Jason Keith at jcbivins.visibli.com/share/HbFcOw. Our experience only too frequently confirms this fact. Tons is spent on “developing websites” and the technology. It is assumed to be the most beautiful flower, but in endless fields of endless blooms looking good is only part of the job of attracting. The website must reach out, and is not bound by the static circumstances of the flowers. NGO’s and academic institutions as well as for-profit enterprises though generally fail in this delivery that actually is the one that gives life. Engagement is the essence of their real world success, but little is followed through in the virtual world to catalyze or monitor. Perhaps some who are relatively removed by age or job title from the Internet, beyond emails and Google searches, see the Internet as the new El Dorado. It is even more, but the treasure is in the doing and engagement. It is a lesson we have learned at Diplomatically Incorrect, and most critically, are employing. (along with our Platform Partner Film Annex). In helping give “Voice to the Global Citizen” (our motto), we consciously are serving a function that perhaps is either beyond the scope (for political, economic or other reasons) of many institutions that have highly relevant information, from current events to opportunities for education/internships/involvement careers. It is a bit of: “if the Mountain will Not Come to Muhamed, then Muhamed will Go to the Mountain!” With our interaction/communication with dozens of NGOs, activist groups, academic institutions and others as well as individuals, we are rewarded and rewarding by undertaking one further critical role of “community manager,” without which much of technology and content becomes for naught. Facebook = Become a Fan at “Diplomatically Incorrect” Twitter – Follow us at DiplomaticallyX War Crimes Justice Channel - diplomaticallyincorrect.org/c/war-crimes-justice FOLLOW Mo on Twitter Link to The Foundation Center “the leading source of information about philanthropy worldwide.” Tweets brought to you in style by @jcbivins. foundationcenter.org

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