Feb 17, 2015 Highest Earning So Far

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Yey! I just received the treasure box for my activities for February 16, 2015 amounting to mBtc 7.3502

This is the highest amount I received so far.

Many things contributed to the sudden increase of my earnings and of my buzz score.

I purchased 4 special avatar items in the cash shop. I grabbed the opportunity these once in a bluemoon opportunity.

Cricket Helm         - +1 buzz for 14 days

Cricket Trousers   - +1 buzz for 14 days

Cricket Blouse      - +1 buzz for 14 days

25 piece gems purchased - +1 buzz for 5 days

50 piece gems purchased - +2 buzz for 5 days

Red Heart Shape Balloon - +3 buzz for 30 days

Reviewed Blog, 3 stars     - +3 buzz for 5 days

Other than, the power ups that we receive from our daily quests!

As of Feb 17, 2015 9:PM after the reset.


I'll try to make the most out of this by consistent activities to gain back the investment and earn more than before. None of this would be possible without the help of my Bit friends! Thank you guys. Sabayan nyo ako umiyak pls. Cray cray! Hahaha!


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