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NEW YORK, October 8, 2009 - Film Annex, an online film distribution company and web television network, is now financing projects currently in development by its content providers. Since the launch of its new Web TV platform in August 2009, the company has created over 50 free web televisions for numerous content providers, including filmmakers, production companies, film festivals, and non-profit organizations. Now with the advertising revenues generated on these Web TVs, Film Annex pays these content providers monthly revenues with the intent to finance their next projects.

Film Annex Web TVs come with interactive players that are syndication-friendly. Web TV owners can maximize their income by syndicating their Web TV players with their content and ads (pre-rolls) on other websites. While these content providers receive 50% of the advertising revenues generated on their Web TVs, they earn another 33% upon syndication. Publishers also benefit from this revenue share as they receive 33% of the revenues upon syndication. Publishers are also given the option to become financiers or executive producers on a project if they choose to donate a percentage of their share to the content provider.

Since August 2009, twenty content providers benefited from the Film Annex Network and its ad revenue share. The amount generated on each Web TV per month has approximately been 350-1000 dollars. Film Annex’s short-term goal is to raise this number to 5000. In addition to promoting each Web TV individually, Film Annex mentions the new projects of the content providers on their respective Web TVs in order to raise awareness about them and receive audience support.

With their simple and user-friendly layout, Film Annex Web Televisions are designed to direct the audience’s attention straight to the content on the player. Leaving the “forward slash” mentality behind, Film Annex chooses personalized domain names for its content providers in order to promote their name rather than its own. For example, you can view selected scenes from director Abel Ferrara’s documentary Chelsea on the Rocks on and Manny the Movie Guy’s video interviews with filmmakers at In addition to creating Web TVs for individuals, Film Annex works with organizations like Creative Commons to encourage the sharing and remixing of online videos under different Creative Commons licenses. Film Annex also creates Web TVs on various topics such as sports, health, travel, video games, green energy, and global warming to name a few.

Film Annex invites all filmmakers and other content providers to join its network, where they can present their past and current projects while raising money for future ones. Its main platform and web television network offer viewers unique content that is both entertaining and educational. With its new monetization system, Film Annex is determined to make the online video experience more fulfilling than ever before.

About Film Annex

Film Annex is an online film distribution platform and and Web Television Network with 30 million users and 10,000 filmmakers. The company finances the productions of independent filmmakers and the social responsibility projects of organizations through the use of its distribution technology. Film Annex creates free web televisions for content providers, supplies them with syndication-friendly players, and supports them financially with the advertising revenues generated on their Web TV players. The company’s business model enables content providers to be in charge of their distribution, reach millions of viewers, maximize their revenues, and finance their future projects.

A meeting point for filmmakers, film festivals, film enthusiasts, companies, and organizations, Film Annex educates and entertains by making meaningful, diverse, and high-quality films available to a global audience. You can find more information on Film Annex by visiting

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