Free Bitcoin Mining Game / 200 000 satoshi per month

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How To Play

Assuming you already Register and confirm your account. Then we skip about Register, we start from dashboard display and what inside dashboard

How to get daily bonus?

To get daily bonus, it's really simple way. You only need click treasure box each 24 hours and treasure box will show on map. Please see image below with red border

How to get free bitcoin with faucet?

You can get free bitcoin faucet only for 24 hours each claim, to claim click on top menu "FAUCET". Please see image below with red border

How to buy mining land level 1?

To get more reward, you need buy mining land and for the first time buy mining land will get Level 1. You can point your mouse on top one of available green mountain. Please see image below

When your mouse pointer on each mining land or mountain, popup message will show to you about how much land cost and + reward including timer to produced. Click on in and land will upgrade to Level 1.
Make sure your have enough coal balance.

How to deposit?

Before you can upgrade or buy first land level 1, you need to made some deposits. How to deposit? Please see image below

Click "Deposit Bitcoin" button and new windows will drop down and show to you deposit address. Use deposit address on Deposit Box to deposit and please carefully about Minimum deposit. Deposit will go through into your balance after 3 confirmations

How to buy coal?

Of course, after made some deposits you need to buy coal to upgrade or buy land. How to buy? You can click menu "Buy Coal" on top right page.

After click "Buy Coal" menu, you will redirect into Buy Coal Page (the future will be renamed TRADE)

Fill textbox how much coal you want to buy then click "BUY" button. After that go back to dashboard.

How to upgrade mining land?

You can have 4 mining land and each land have 5 level. You can upgrade land by pointing your mouse on land you want to upgrade when click "RED UP ARROW", please see image below

When you mouse pointing on land, popup message will show to you about your mining land current level and how many +reward you will get when you upgrade. Point mouse to "RED UP ARROW" will show you another popup message. Click "RED UP ARROW" to upgrade.

Where and how can I know how much my coal will be produced?

Coal Produce as your mining reward. This production will show to on up right corner on your dashboard, please see image below

How to claim and what is minimum claim?

You can claim every time you want as long you have minimum claim. Minimum claim is 100 coals and will show to you popup message when you pointing your mouse on "CLAIM" button. See image below

When you coal balance reach our minimum claim, "CLAIM" button will automatic enable and you can click on it.

How to withdraw?

To withdraw your bitcoin is very simple, you can click "WITHDRAW" button with red color and other window will drop down for you. Fill all necessary textbox and click again "PROCEED" blue button on right side Pin textbox. Please see image below

If you want to withdraw your all bitcoin balance. Just click your balance above "Withdraw Bitcoin" buttonand you have to reduce itself of the value of your withdrawal request with withdrawal fee. Example : if you want to withdraw 1 BTC then you have to pay the fee, for textbox amount you will enter 0.9995 BTC.


Register here and start mining now.

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