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Media (both print and electronic media) can aware the masses of their rights of having good governance and at the time it is media that can take the govt.authorities under accountability for the violation of powers and bad governance.Media is this regard should play an impartial role to create a friendly environment for good governance in Pakistan.


Good governance is achieved only when people are actually involved not just superficially in the decision making but actually in process of policy making and implementation.The govt.must take the problems of a common man while making public policies .All the Pakistanis must think themselves as a nation and should collectively contribute for the prosperity of Pakistan.Pakistanis must not put themselves into regional and provincial prejudices and ideologies as this would hamper and process of the good governance .

All the citizens must stand and fulfill their responsibility of demanding ‘Good Governance’ as the basic right.With all the leadership vacuum and political instability with poor economic conditions we can still step ahead to create an environment where good governance is not merely a dream.We the general masses and the govt.must promise that we would leave no stone unturned to make Pakistan a modern,progressive,peaceful and developed country and a sign of honor and dignity for the Muslims of the globe.It is our right to have a country with a well governed administrative system.

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