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On my last article i discussed  about how do others encounter bitcoins and described that i had  started with mining bitcoins.  Mining with bitcoins through a website that offers mining not on my own site, though there are hardwares now that you could purchase and do your mining for bitcoins but it cost a lot of money and i cant afford that so i bought a slot for the mining "now they called it contract"  I started only with two slots  wit Add Imageh $10 worth each slot and at certain period when the mining earns you about the cap or the minimum amount then you can withdraw it to your wallet;

Since i started about March 25, 2014 with a free software and buying a slot for mining i already had some earnings about 12 times been paid  which had been sent to my wallet. Here are some images; 

If we will compute all the earnings with the bitcoin mining  its about  Bit 0.0169207182 . If we will convert this to the present exchange rate of 1 bitcoin = $379.00 , its only about a small $6 , so with this engaging in bitcoin is not really a get rich scheme and mining bitcoin is getting harder and actually hard to earn.  

I am not only dependent with mining  so i also engage with sites that  also offer bitcoins to raise my number of bitcoins and then later re- think to invest it , used it and or exchange it to dollars.  One site with many faucets , faucets that is within a site called "Land of Bitcoins" is one source of this bitcoins

The only thing that you have to do is visit the faucets within the Land of  Bitcoins and click on the advertising and they will give you a bitcoin awards.  Some of the faucets are down below ;

On the list "land of bitcoins" is about 100 faucets and the corresponding satoshis they give as rewards, then they pay you on your wallet where you keep all your bitcoins.

Here's  an image of my wallet ;

The earnings of bitcoin here at bitlanders is still not included , bitcoins are Free money but if you want to earn more  you have to invest  but be careful of the up and down rate of exchange with the dollars that s where you will loose. 



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