How to Say "Good Morning" in 10 Languages

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"Good Morning" in 10 Languages

I've always thought that learning new languages is super fun. You do not need to know the language fully nor to speak it fluently, because that would be so hard and take a lot of time. It is enough to know a little from each parlance, like for example, knowing how to say good morning in five or six languages, which I'll be presenting in this hub, but in ten languages.

I'll start alphabetically.

(P.S. --> Make sure you memorize "good morning" in the ten languages if you want to take the quiz below at the end of the hub!)

1) Arabic:

Sabaḥu Al-Khayer - صباحُ الخير

2) Bulgarian:

Dobro utro - добро утро

3) Chinese:

Zǎo ān - 早安

4) Danish:


5) Georgian:

dila mshvidobisa - დილა მშვიდობისა

6) German:

guten Morgen

7) Greek:

kali̱méra - καλημέρα

8) Italian:


9) Japanese:

Ohayōgozaimasu - おはようございます

10) Romanian:

bună dimineața

Hope this was helpful. If you know how to say good morning in a language that I haven't mentioned and want to share it, please post it in a comment. I'll be glad to update my hub.

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