I Love My VIllage

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I live in a village. My village name is Basti Haji Azeem Buksh Khan Dhareja. It is located in Dist. Rahim Yar Khan, 27km away from city.

In my village there is a middle school for girls and a primary school for boys. The people of my village are very interested in education and they make their children to seek education at any rate. In my village there is no high school for girls and boys, so they have to go to very long distance to get their education of matriculation level.The population of my village is nearly 500, most of which are well educated. Some people work as Lawyer, some work as Teacher, some work in Offices and many people also work in their own fields. The people of my village are very honest and they discuss their social and economical problems with each other.

Most of the people of my village work in their fields. They grow vegetables, fruits, wheat, and rice and send these things to market in city for selling. There is also a canal in my village, which is very helpful in the requirement of water for their fields. In the case of unavailability of water in canal they use turbine to meet the requirement of water for their fields.

There are many mango forms in my village. The mangoes of these forms are sent to local markets and also to Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar etc. The mangoes of my city are very famous among the country because of their taste. In my village there is a “Jamia Masjid”. It is a very beautiful mosque. There is also a free dispensary in my village. In dispensary a doctor is always present. The people of my village and also of nearby villages take their medicines from this dispensary. This dispensary is very useful for peoples of my village and also of nearby villages. There is metal road from my village to city. About 10 years ago, there is not metal road, which create problems for reaching to city in case of emergency.

Early in the morning after Fajar prayer I go to canal for walking and taking exercise. The fresh and clean air in the morning gives me a pleasure. About a year ago, telephone has come to my village which solve many problems of peoples relating to their conversation to their children and relatives in nearby cities.

I love my village and pray to my God to task my village to new destinations. I like village life.


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i am the student of bsc engineering

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