I'm Back on Track!

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Hi every one.. Grabeh! hirap mag maintain ng stats especially hirap magstay sa LEADERBOARD..

Last time nasurprised ako at natuwa dahil nasa leaderboard na ko atlast kaya gumawa ako kagad ng blog about don (First time on Leaderboard) at sabi ko dapat pagbutihan ko pa para ma maintain ko yon pero nong natapos naung free buzz sa pagbili ng Easter eggs nawala na din ako sa board. Kaya instead na mgredeem na sa coins.ph we decided to just buy some items to gain more power ups and here I come again back on track..

And this is because I got a high buzz score and it also gives me more revenue and so far this is 2nd to the highest points i've got.. Thanks to those who contribute by subscribing on me and checking my blogs..

Keep on visiting me guyz and it will be more appreciated..

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