Increase Your BuzzScore and Revenues with Oldies but Goldies and Make Room for New Films

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Illustration by Eren Gulfidan

The walk from my apartment to the subway stop is pretty pleasant, I have to say. Lots of pretty houses and trees. Fresh air (as fresh as it gets in Brooklyn), friendly neighbors, good-looking construction workers who say hi to you (if you're a girl), and other things that make the start of your day enjoyable and promising. This morning, as I was walking to the subway, I kept thinking about slogans related to our BuzzScore. I didn't have to, meaning it wasn't like an assignment or anything, but I just like playing with words and coming up with witty phrases. One time, my friend told me that I should be a spokesperson for broccoli. Yes, that broccoli, the vegetable.

And so it began... "Feeling Buzzed? You must have a pretty high BuzzScore!" "Scores are temporary. Buzz is Forever." "Buzz me with your films. Buzz me with your blogs." "Feel my Buzz. You won't regret it." And many others that might be NSFW. I guess part of the reason I've been thinking a lot about "the Buzz" lately is due to the emergence of Eren's Picks and the way we list filmmakers in the order of their BuzzScore. 

This past week, I've been going through our film catalog, starting with films that were uploaded back in 2006. And I realized how long it's been since the last time I saw some of those movies. I also realized that my attention has been directed towards watching and promoting our new content, which is only natural, considering I have to keep up with what's fresh. However, it would be right to say that those old movies are as good as the new ones. In fact, some of them are incredible, considering that technology wasn't as advanced and access to affordable equipment wasn't as easy 6 years ago. 

So I made a plan to bring these "veteran" filmmakers back to Film Annex. I went to their websites to check whether they still make movies, and most of them do. And this is the time they should be showing their work on Film Annex, get on Eren's Picks, and make money with their movies. Their work is Film Annex's oldies but goldies, and they can use their old content to increase their BuzzScore and revenues. How? They just need to remind their audience that those films are there to be watched and shared. They also need to share those films on their social networks. Honestly, who was able to share a movie they made 6 years ago on Facebook? Was that even an option?? Our social media network strategies coordinator, Jennifer, tells me no. Well, now you can.

Sharing older work with your audience can actually be a fresh breath of air, especially if they haven't seen it before. I always tend to go back and watch the first films of my favorite directors. Scorsese has made many highly-acclaimed movies that were box-office hits, but my favorite is Who's That Knocking on My Door from 1967. Again, one of my favorite Truffaut films is a short called Love at Twenty from 1962. And perhaps, someone's favorite film is the first one YOU made. 

And that's the beauty of Film Annex. Your work never gets really old. It kind of always stays fresh. But we don't put any chemical preservatives in it. Plus, seeing that people respond to your old films should motivate you to create new work, which should be shared as well. Here are some of the oldies but goldies I picked to please your eyes this week:  

Ud Jayega (The Empty Train) by Kunal Sen (2005)

Handkerchiefs For Sale by Tomi Riionheimo (2003)

Passers-By by Misha Votruba (2006)

The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato's Allegory in Clay by Michael Ramsey (2007)

Last Time in Clerkenwell by Alex Budovsky (2007)

Planets by Rene Adema (2001)


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