Indian content on Pakistani channels

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         Pakistani media is now getting advance rapidly.They are copying Indians everywhere.They are showing the traditions of India.This really has a very influence on our society.Morning shows are now just a show off.People suffer from inferiority complex.They show different programs,dramas and Indian films to our public which is completely ruining their minds.





         This is one of the major reason that we are getting far away from our religious obligations.Pakistani women are now blindly following the Indian women.They tend to wear dresses like them which are totally against the teachings of Islam.Some wear sleeveless,while some go for backless tops with skin fitted jeans.They are doing all this shit and are making themselves half naked,forgetting that they are Muslims.In early times,the dramas and programs which were showed on the screens but now on every other channel there is some kind of Indian stuff.





         It really have a very bad impact on our new generation.They don't know much about their religious terms but they are well informed of every single new movie that is going to be released.Government should take some strict action against it.We have to stop this vulgarity before our it is permanently stucked in our minds.

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