Kirk McDonald on monetizing publishing and giving back to the community

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This Film Annex interview of Kirk McDonald on monetizing publishing and giving back to the community, addresses the benefits of using digital media to create awareness and raise funds for charitable causes.  The video remains relevant to the issues of global interaction and digital publishing for causes by way of technology and entertainment. Pubmatic partners with publishers to provide them with technology and provide their partners the means to bring their quality content to the audience.  They choose their partners according to their influence and their quality to the digital audience.

Kirk McDonald explains that social media and mobile creates an avenue of conversation to with the audience in real time.  The rise of Social media is the viability of interaction with audiences that entertainment never had before.  Through mobiles, multiple platforms are being addressed and PubMatic helps their partners to stay relevant.

Through digital advertising, publishers are able to make money to create quality content, but at this point in time, publishers are still not making lucrative claims with digitized advertising.  Through digital media, countries like Afghanistan are reached out to and they too can reach out to the global scene, and thier cause could be aided by the funds raised through digital advertising. Children and youths from these emerging economies could meet and interact to the rest of the world creatively and socially.  The United States also could in turn, reach out the rest of the world so that each country could learn from the latter.

Digital Media is growing through the help of companies like Pubmatic, which partner with publishers to improve and innovate the industry. With industry leaders like Kirk McDonald, digital publishing and advertising will maximize their philanthropic purpose and create the change the world needs. 


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