landofbitcoin is again having insufficient funds

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The last time i posted an article about "landofbitcoin"  was in March 2015. In  March i was waiting for them to transfer the amount of bitcoins which is a balance of about 23thou satoshis and i got it sometime in April.  I again was active after the transfer but then "landofbitcoin is again having insufficient funds" this was when i requested recently for a withdrawal request.  


Here was a request / waiting 


(My total is 7952 satoshis that i had been waiting to be transferred) 



In my surfing for bitcoin on other ad sites , i encounter landofbitcoin as a solo website. I tried to  put my bitcoin wallet and captcha  then a note says  "insufficient funds" , i already knew their situation but  i just want to check if they have already overcome the problem on funds. But unluckily they were not ready yet; 


It is really hard at this period of time for the bitcoin currency since it is still on an experimental stage  it is very volatile , it still had to be adopted by a lot of people to be like the currency that were using. I hope they recover.


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