Learning What To Say To New People Who Ask For Advice

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Okay so its been a while since I have written a blog post so bare with me...

But I felt the need to get this out since its been a subject I have been pondering about for some time now. It has to do with the first impressions we make and the things we say to others. Learning what to say to new people who ask for advice in other words and the things we may unconsciously do to throw them off. One of them is making things seem a little complex to do before even giving the person tips. This would obviously put anyone off about any subject - period. Even if the thing worth learning about never had complexity at all and was just expressed that way for the sake of digging deep for the answers ourselves.

It really stems from a careless nature that causes blurting out words before we even think of what to say and that is a problem due to the knack we have to not want to help others all the time. That or the fact that we never want to help any one at all, which is a discussion made for another topic. But thinking about the way we tend to naturally express ourselves revolved around what we may be doing with out realizing it. So it led to me wondering about the way we engage others and here are a few questions I came up with that were left up in the air.

A) When it comes to being helpful is there a lack of respect factor that goes into how we properly respond?

B) Is there is disconnect that comes with making things more complicated then they seem for the sake of allowing small emotions like frustration get in the way of giving information properly?


C) Does our reaction have anything to do with simply wanting the role of playing teacher to end quickly?

One can see how those are already far too many factors that can play into our actions in such a situation. I so far believe that it has to do with something along the lines of A and C. But one can never be too sure until they evaluate whats most important to them and truly inside of themselves. Being helpful isn't for everyone, that is true but at least learning the process so its always optional is another story.

Any thoughts?

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