MATLAB GURU FETEX 2014 (Q.6 with Solution Codes)

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Q.6 Energy and Power Signal (Continuous):

A measure of signal length is determined by following two important quantities of a signal.

a) Energy Signal:

A signal x(t)  is said to be energy signal if and only if the total normalized energy is finite and non-zero. Non-periodic signals are energy signals. Total energy of a signal x(t ) can be expressed as:


b) Power Signal:

The signal x(t)  is said to be power signal, if and only if the normalized average power p is finite and non-zero. Practical periodic signals are power signals. Total power of a signal x(t)  is given by :


Write a MATLAB code to find the energy and power of the following signals and comment about results. (HINT: You must make use of symbolic toolbox with int() and limit() built-in functions. )



Solution : 



Authored by : Shahid Ali Murtza

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