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         Afghanistan’s current generation is very much different from the generation during and before the Taliban’s regime. The generation during the Taliban’s regime did not have so much access to many good and advance technology or media. There were not any computers, internet, T.V stations or any other technology devices across the country. People were hardly able to listen to the radios as they were pulled in to jails if they were caught listening to radios. Thus most of the people were unaware of what is going on, which things are being invented new around the country and the world.


        However now it has changed. There are more than 75 T.V channels and more than 175 radio stations across Afghanistan. Today almost everybody has at least one laptop or a desktop in their house with or without internet in it. There are many people who have internet in their phones, and are somehow connected with the rest of the world. Today people can listen to radios and watch T.Vs where ever and as much as they want to without any kind of fear from someone. 


       Moreover during and a year after Taliban’s regime not many and every people had phones as it was kind of expensive and people didn’t have good financial statements. But now it is different, today almost everybody has at least one or two phones as they are free to contact whoever they want and in everywhere around the world. In addition some educated people try to make people to be even more in touch with Medias and technology as they believe it will help people be more aware of things occurring in the world and will help them learn and improve our own country. Roya Mahboob is one of those persons. She has provided computers and internet for many schools in Herat and kabul, so that they could go as far as they can from the Taliban’s period. 

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Yasameen Mohammadi is a junior student at St.Paul preparatory high school in St.Paul Minnesota. And is currently working at Film Annax as a blogger.

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