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One could barely walk through a major international auto show in the last couple of  years without tripping over a hybrid or electric sports-car concept. On its Geneva show stand this year, Infiniti unveiled a flagship mid-engined sports car that’s also a plug-in hybrid. While the car, called Emerg-E, is just a concept for now, its production chances seem strong. Here’s why:

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For the Emerg-E’s starting point, Infiniti stole wisely: The vehicle borrows its layout and structure from the Lotus Evora. Infiniti developed the concept in Europe to take advantage of funding available from Great Britain’s Technology Strategy Board, a government agency designed to encourage the advancement of new technologies that reduce vehicular carbon emissions. Among the various universities and suppliers that make up the bulk of the organization’s membership sits Lotus. Astute readers will note the strong mechanical relationship between the Emerg-E and the Evora 414E Hybrid concept that debuted in Geneva two years ago. If you think of the Emerg-E as the Lotus 414E version 2.0, you won’t be far from the truth.


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