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Pakistan idol is good plat form for fresh Pakistani singers. So many contestants took part in Pakistan idol so many were reject in audition zone and only top 26 were selected for gala round. Till now 24 are eliminated one by one and now only 2 contestants are remaining Muhammad Shoaib (from peshawer) and Zmad baig (from Madni baho din). Yesterday as we saw both of them performed very well they had their 1st consort and audience enjoyed a lot. Now the curiosity is that who will be the Pakistan idol. The singing accent of Zamad Baid is SOFIYANA, they have great power on Qawali ,Ghazal , Kalam Folk music and pop as well. In his last performance he sung two folk songs and Judges were enjoyed his performance but Bushra and Hadika mam said some problems were in his pitch and some breathing issue. Ali said Zamad s performance was very powerful.

Shoaib is very great singer and audience really enjoy his performance, he is good singer and entertains audience very well. In his last performance judges were pleased and he got very good comments from judges and audience as well on his medley. But on his last and final song Bushra said there was a little problem. But still he as very happy and confident on his performance and he should be. Now lets see who will be the lucky one and become the 1st Pakistan idol. You gays vote for your favourite singer and made him Pakistan idol and top singer. The voting lines are open till 26.4.2014 12p.m. my vote is for shoaib he is my best singer and I will he will be Pakistan idol.

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