Prolegomenum-Part 1

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                                                      Prolegomenum-Part 1


The mother earth, globe of our existence was much pleased to welcome the couple, expelled , from paradise, humble and humiliated, garlanded with shame and tears of repentence. She was happy that saplings will tread upon her breast for great consolation and peace of mind and pleasure of her heart. Still were happier to an anticipate their offsprings frolicking on her body with various moods, for they were expected to be scattered far and wide for their habitation. And she had already made adequate arrangemenbts for their living to traverse their appointed time, consuming vegetables and flesh and then be pushed into her body in one form or the other. The breeze and the heat of the sun desended to dry up the tears of Adam and Eve. The shades of  trees sapped their fatigue, for they had wondered for the loss of their dwelling in the Heavenly Paradise.


The thunder and rain voiced to them the blessings and benediction of their Creater for the restoration of their status if they would follow the lesson of enlightenment. God reminded them of the blessed name of Mohammad, the light of lights, love of the Gracious God. Pride of heavens and the earth, crown of all the prophets ( May Allah shower His choicest blessings upon him ) . This forgotten name came to their mind. They became conscious of their release from the tortures of separation, and to regain their lost glory in Paradise. They had realized that sacred trust, the promise, the Covenant of Prophets, which Allah Almighty had made with them at the time of the creation of the souls of all the Prophets and Apostles that they would descend on the earth and go on rehearsing the arrival at the end of the last phase, concerning the advent of the Sublime and Sweet Love of the Greatest Love, for the right guidance, providing consolation and peace, to the entire humanity for all times to come.


They thought of that Light and Love. Allah almighty could not remain a silent spectator to the imagination of the paradise expelled couple, and Adam was asked by God to see his image on the thumbnails of his hands. He lost no time and opportunity and was much pleased to see the emblem of love sparkling on the surface of his nails, and recited his venerated name that they may be pardened by Allah Almighty. How  transferm all his pangs, greifs and worries into peace, consolation tranquility ? The very name of mohammad ( May Allah bless him with highest benedictions and favours ) because the cause of their release from all tortures which had been flung on them by their exodus from the paradise. And this first couple on earth was of Adam and Eve. They were the First to disclose the sublime status of the Prophet of Islam and his intercession for the whole humanity. Allah Almighty has created him from His own Light, an image of His Form.


Now Adam and Eve were guided to reach Arafat. Adam was in the southern part of the earth, the foot of the earth, and Eve just close to its eyes on the earth. They were made to glide to Arafat, the heart of the the mother earth where they invoked together to Allah Almighty for their forgiveness in the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) , the ever glimmering love of the Lord. Their supplication was accepted by the Supreme Authority of Allah Almighty. This is the place where Hajj or pilgrimage is performed every year by the muslims of the world. In jubilation Adam and Eve embraced after their release from the effects of what they had earned unconsciously in the Paradise. They were ordered by the Allah Almighty to follow only a part of the Quran and make their offsprings conversant with the same lesson for regaining their lost glory in the Paradise. And the fortunate people followed the Word of Allah Almighty for traversing the voyage of their lives and Divine teachings for their sweet children.


Satan who had procured from Allah Almighty a sanction to misguide the progeny of Adam and Eve, could not remain silent to see the children of the righteous couple to flourish and reach their original destination of Paradise. So, he rearranged his whole army and jumped in the population which was very thin at that  time, and made one of the sons of Adam to kill his brother, thus giving a start to his intrigues not visible to any human eye. He sowed the seed of hatred, enmity, hypocristy, revenge and all sorts of sins which a human being can ever think of.


One thing the Satan was conscious of was not to touch the soul, or come near him who was to keep the line of the last Prophet, exquisity innocent and unadulterated by any act or thought of injustice and immorality, for that was essential in the plan of Allah Almighty from Adam, on earth, to the appearance of Al-Mehdi having the similar name, even of his parents……….




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