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Reiki 101 The Essentials of Reiki PLR Bundle Review: Core Marketing Bundles Ready to Go

Reiki 101 The Essentials of Reiki PLR Bundle:

You know you've wanted to create a Healthy Lifestyles course, but planning and writing out an educational program is no small task.

With all this product development, when do you get time to focus on reaching out to partners and clients? Heck! There's no energy left to squeeze some love out of your fans!

It's Not Your Fault You Can't Keep Up 

What if you could just pay someone to do the work for you?

What if you could get premium content at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing and never spend a minute making bad choices hiring freelancers to write your business content?

Welcome to the power of Private Label Rights content PLR -  sometimes referred to as White Label. PLR is content produced in a variety of formats and provided to marketers who want to keep their customer happy with information and solutions. PLR cuts the time, cost and resources to produce content by 95%.

Reiki 101 The Essentials of Reiki PLR Bundle is a Full Product PLR Funnel You Brand, Sell & Keep 100% of the Profits.

With Reiki 101 The Essentials of Reiki PLR Bundle, they’ve got your content marketing primed for results with the key material to build your reputation and pull in your perfect audience.

Check out all the details and decide if this white-label PLR is for you...

Reiki 101 The Essentials of Reiki PLR Bundle's Key Features:

Let's have a look at the core modules included in this release

Premium Ebook Keeps Your Product Sales Funnels Fresh

Fully illustrated and formatted.

Easily edited with Word or OpenOffice.

Just brand with your business or name and upload to your host. Or update with your own unique touch. Change as much or as little as you see fit.

Reiki 101 - The Essentials of Reiki

Massive!  6,924 words. 37 pages. Illustrated.

Irresistible Lead Gen Offer

Implement this module first for fastest list building.

"Introduction to Healing Energies". Over 3,000 words. 19 pages.

Sales Copy With HTML Sales Funnel

No need to start from scratch with their pre-made templates.

Sales page, thank you and download pages included.

Upload to your hosting as HTML sales page or cut-n-paste to your WordPress pages.

They even have training videos to show you how. Learn it once and you know how to do it for all your products.

Fill Your Content Publishing Calendar With Pre-Written Articles

Modify with a new title and add supporting content such as illustrations or images, statistics, quotes, graphs, or videos and always a call-to-action.

10 articles (400 words) in Word .docx and .txt format.

Amazon Bestseller List Book Review

Writing a book review is challenging - but you don't have to because we did it for you.

Just post it to your blog and be sure to include an affiliate link pointing to the book, just in case people want to purchase the book after reading your review! 1,280 Words, 4-pages.

Load Up The Autoresponder with 21 Messages

Build strong relationships from Day 1.

Once people join your list you must immediately start building trust.

These 21 email messages are written to do just that with tips, strategies, and supporting information.

In fact, you can use them as blog posts instead of messages, but always have a few messages in the queue. 4,500+words

Lock-In Clicks With Pre-Sales Training Presentations

20 slides. Images included. Just add your Call-to-Action.

Publish to social sharing sites, use to build backlinks, whip out your iPhone and share it with potential customers at the grocery store, salon, Bunko party.

You are a Marketer Extraordinaire!

With Reiki 101 The Essentials of Reiki PLR Bundle, you can:

Customizable Products

Add unique value to create high impact marketing content like blog posts, newsletters, reports and shared content

Instant List Building

Present visitors with valuable information or tools they can’t resist.

DFY Funnels

Sales Copy is ready to go.  Just add your Buy Button and branded eCover.

Premium Articles

Informative articles ready to post. Just add your Call-to-Action.

Training or Sales Presentation

Upload pre-sales presentation to Slideshare for viral boost and backlinks.

DFY Autoresponders

Email messages crafted to build trust, engage and convert subscribers into buyers.

Eye Catching Graphics

Ecovers, illustrations and graphics are royalty-free and no attribution required.

Book Reviews

You don’t even have to read the book.

Implementation Tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials with added value tips. No charge for the tips.

How Does Reiki 101 The Essentials of Reiki PLR Bundle Work?

Step1: Build Authority Blogs

Provide current content your readers value because it helps them get what they want.

Step 2: Create Article Portals On eCommerce Sites

Boost SEO with relevant content and pull in traffic from high ranking posts.

Step 3: Launch Membership Portals

Create a mentoring course. Build it once and then bring in monthly income over and over.

Exclusive Bonuses Of Reiki 101 The Essentials of Reiki PLR Bundle:

Instant Social Media Messages

1 Facebook snippet and Twitter tweet for each article. Just add a call-to-action and paste in the message!

3 Reiki Posters

Reiki Symbols, Reiki Principles and the Light Invocation for Reiki!

DFY SEO Analysis

Competitive Keyword Analysis.

Reiki Master Questionnaire

Questions to ask a Reiki Master!

Tools and Resources to Get Your PLR Into Action Quickly!

Get People Talking & Sharing

WordPress plugin compels your readers to share your content and virtually ensures your message is spread further than any paid ad.

Step-by-Step Implementation Tutorials

Learn how to brand and implement your PLR today!

Hilite & Share WordPress Plugin

Go Viral!

Get Result with PLR Implementation Plan

Go from unzip to implement in 6 simple steps!

Your PLR License

Final verdict - Your Turn!

Producing information products is expensive unless you do all the work. Ugh, how long would that take you to complete?

That's where leveraging their product development team to create your content marketing material makes sense.

And today you can pick up this entire product for less than the cost of a single page article!

Put the Hours You Save to Better Use. Quality Time. Now It's Your Turn!

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