Revamping the Site, Eren's Picks, Examer, Soccer, and Of Course... Rebecca Black!

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So this is what goes down at Film Annex every Friday. My beloved co-workers, Alexey and Semyon, go on YouTube and find that unforgettable Rebecca Black song, Friday, and then they put it up really loud. This is the only way we know it's Friday.

A lot went on this week at Film Annex. We're revamping our site and adding new pages to it. So, I thought it would be good to sit down with our editors and social media coordinator and get their feedback on what's going on, the new features we're adding, etc. And while we were doing that, we also talked about how to improve certain pages and features. It was basically like a doctor's visit; we were the doctors and Film Annex was the patient. The discussions were extremely constructive, and we came up with some great ideas, which will hopefully be put into action slowly but surely.

In other news, I spent a good amount of time on improving Eren's Picks with Jennifer. We paid a visit to some of the first films that were uploaded on Film Annex and reviewed each one in order to decide what goes on our homepage and what stays out. I have to say that it was kind of nostalgic to watch those films again. And some of them will have a chance to get highlighted again on our homepage. I guess it's kind of a re-birth for them... which is the whole point of online film distribution. I then went ahead and contacted all the filmmakers who are included in Eren's Picks to further explain the purpose of this new section. So far, I've been getting great feedback and am excited to work with these inspiring people.

This week was also crucial for our portfolio company, Afghan Citadel. Film Annex has developed a software program called Examer in order to create online multiple-choice tests for Afghan students. We're in the process of building a social media curriculum for the schools in Afghanistan, and part of my responsibility is to come up with questions about social media, specifically filmmaking, blogging, influence, and sharing. I have to say that it was a challenge to come up with these questions, but I'm really excited about contributing to the learning experience of these Afghan students. 

Last but not least, I worked on a press release about Film Annex's recent acquisition of Esteqlal Football Club in Afghanistan. Film Annex will be the sole sponsor of the soccer team and broaden the following of Esteqlal FC in Herat.

Oh, and I almost forgot! I'm developing a corporate video for Film Annex and its services. We've got the narration (voice-over) down and now working on getting the visuals together. Have a few ideas that might produce a dynamic and engaging video. Will keep you posted!

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