Richa loses her vanity

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Richa has had a track record of creating very diverse and memorable characters, whether it was the Bihari housewife in Gangs of Wasseypur or the notorious Bholi Punjaban in Fukrey or the silent sufferer Devi in Masaan.

Richa personalizes and draws references from life for the movie Sarabjit.

In an interview she had mentioned how she chooses a different perfumes for every character she plays. For Sarabjit too, the actress has decided to go as close to the character as possible.

Richa who plays a Randeeps love interest hailing from a village in Punjab is going to mirror the habits and nuances of a sardarni. So she has decided to not trim her hair till the film is complete.

She didn't want the character to look like she had salon perfect hair, so she decided to let her cool-urbane hair grow out.

Source close to the actress says " Richa likes to get into the skin of her character. To essay a role of a Sikhni she has decided to change her grooming habits. She wants her character to look rustic. So apart from her dialect the actress is also working on her appearance. So taking habits from the punjabis she's decided to not cut her hair or manicure her nails. She will try and keep it organic. The shoot is at its last schedule and will take 2 more months to wrap up " 

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