Scrumbled Ukraine and the political illusion

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Ukraine is under  destruction.Many of the states are broken as quick as a 201st century melting ice.Russia on one side America on the other side are struggling to influence based on their national interests.We don't know for sure the right way for the Ukrainian stability but we all need a country of peaceful,politically firm and independent nation.I don't want to move down to the research stuffs on this but I just pass the decision to you personally.

Due to the formation of fragmented Ukraine parts as an independent nations,the US government has been repeatedly rejected the crumbling situation of Ukraine.n the other hand the Russia government has made a suitable opportunities for the reunion of the Ukraine lands to itself.This results a political pollution between the two countries.The US government tries to stop the stuff in Ukraine by participating in different political,economic and social interventions.

We don't need to be experts of political prophesy but the current Ukraine is under similar situation to the former USSR.What's your opinion on this..?please comment

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