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What comes to our mind when we think of sex in the shower? Steamy and soapy naked bodies sliding against each other? While that can be a possibility, but in most cases if the right techniques are not followed it can result in a scenario where there is soap all over your face and you are sliding in the tub and finding it hard to manage a stable position to have intercourse.
Even though shower sex can be unsafe but if proper precautions are taken it can be a safe way of having sex. First off, the main issue of having sex in the shower is that you WILL fall and maybe more than once. This can be fatal as most of the bathrooms have tiles on the floor, and falling in there can be a bad idea leading to some undesirable consequences.
Now let’s focus on some other Non-fatal issues of shower sex which might not hurt you but it may stop you from having a good experience. When in the shower or anywhere else where there is water, using condoms is not as easy as you may have seen in movies or somewhere else. Condoms and water do not go together very well and it may slip off of your penis. Also, water or any other chemicals in it can affect the durability of the condom which you do not want to happen.
When you are having sex on a bad or any other straight horizontal surface, you do not have to worry about the height difference between yourself and your partner. This is not the case over here, if your partner is smaller than you or vice versa, genital placing is going to give you a hard time. To penetrate your partner with easy you will have to bend in an awkward position which will not only exhaust you but can also reduce the efficiency of the sexual activities.
Now when we think of having sex in the shower, what comes to our mind is that the soapy bodies will be lubricated enough for pleasurable penetration leading to a good shower sex experience. This is not at all true. Water does not serve as lubrication in fact it shrugs off the natural lubrication that your body makes making your genitals, especially the clitoris of a woman, dry resulting in an uncomfortable sensation. This would make it difficult and maybe even painful for some to have sex under running water.
Lastly, one more problem that couples might face in the shower is that they might get cold in the shower under running water. Even though this is not a major issue, but it can make you uncomfortable which can easily ruin the mood and prevent you from enjoying the moment.
So in conclusion, having sexual intercourse in the shower is safe IF the right precautions are taken to maintain a level of safety. Other than safety, the second concern was that in the shower it might not be feasible to have sex due to the many reasons discussed above. These issues might be experienced by most of the people but can be avoided, again if precautions are taken.

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