"Spring Crimea": Breaking the conspiracy of American cluster TSB

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 The secret and speedy Russian campaign "Spring Crimea" has failed plot to blockade the Black Sea Fleet of the US aircraft carrier complex.

Russia was prepared for the "Spring Crimea"?
US-EU-Ukraine to look Putin Shakespeare "Spring Crimea"

US aircraft carrier assemblies beyond the Mediterranean, conspiracy to control the Black Sea Fleet

In the context of Moscow urgently prepare for the campaign "Spring Crimea", an intelligence is particularly important as the Russians worried that the cluster US carrier across the Atlantic enters the Mediterranean, five bared pass Bosphorus in control and oust the Black Sea Fleet from Crimea.

On 13/2, US Border Task fleet by aviation aircraft carrier USS George Bush (CVN-77) led left the naval base in Norfolk - United States, on the way to the Black Sea with the convoy of 16 ships War, including the cruiser USS Philippine Sea, the destroyer USS Truxtun and USS Roosevelt and three nuclear submarines.

The main task of the modified carrier is waiting for the success of the coup by pro-US elements conducted in Kiev in February, then immediately entered the Black Sea, disabled and supplanted Russian Naval Fleet in Sevastopol play.

In addition, Fleet also has another very important task that took command center of spaceflight Crimea, was built during the Soviet Union. Historically, this center has recorded the launch spacecraft Salyut, Soyuz, Soyuz-Apollo and the moon rover, the latter is the strategic missile launch.

Crimea Space Center can receive data from the missile warning radar Voronezh-М (within a radius of 6,000 km), installed in the village Lekhtusy - Leningrad province, city Pionersk - Armavir province and the city of Kaliningrad, capable detection launch any missiles, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles.

The breaking activity center, eliminating it out of action is one of the main objectives of the Pentagon, because it is positioned in the front end of the missile shield Russia, was built to cope with the missile and nuclear weapons deployed by NATO in Europe.

On 22/2, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych parliament was dismissed after he fled from Kiev on the previous day. The same day, the US aircraft carrier groups have overcome the Mediterranean, five bared entering the Black Sea through the Bosphorus, with the tacit permission of Turkey.

His US passport Valentin Nalivaichenko - Director intelligence agencies of Ukraine (SBU) - was published papers Effedieffe
His US passport Valentin Nalivaichenko - new Director intelligence agencies of Ukraine (SBU) - was published papers Effedieffe
Also on 22/2, Valentin Nalivaichenko he was appointed head of the intelligence agencies of Ukraine (SBU). According to the Western media, Mr. Valentin Nalivaichenko the Ukraine but there is one US citizen and have very close relations with the US Central Intelligence Agency CIA.

In addition, immediately after the caretaker government after the coup launched on 26-2 in Kiev, Prime Minister of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (also known as the Council of Ministers Chairman of Crimea) when it is said Anatoly Mogilyov also voiced loyal to the government published by the group turned up in Kiev.

At the same time, the US also deployed in Dnepropetrovsk a command center unmanned aircraft to conduct reconnaissance flights over the territory of Crimea. This has caused major doubt for Russia, by contrast, almost no Ukraine should not use unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.

Russia to consider and assess the situation

US Fleet trap to take the place of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has spread out, if Russia does not act immediately to Kiev government imposed martial law, soldiers blockade of the Black Sea Fleet in the barracks surely Crimea belongs to Ukraine and Sevastopol will become the basis for a US aircraft carrier.

However, a major difficulty for Russia is the Russian peninsula which only about 3,000 troops, while Army combat duty of Ukraine is about 22,000, plus other military personnel at approximately 30,000 troops, power relationships rather the difference.

Another difficulty is that the US has deployed two warships in the Black Sea, including the command ship Mount Whitney 6 USS fleet (LCC-20) and USS Guardian Ship Taylor (FFG-50) with reason 'support security support for Sochi Olympics and move Americans in emergency situations. "

Fleet flagship 6 USS Mount Whitney is the Blue Ridge class command ship, equipped systems Command, control, communication, computers and intelligence (C4I abbreviation) to lead all operations of the effects War, mobility and maneuver the ship's 6 Fleet.

The USS Taylor is entering the Black Sea dated 5-2-2014
The USS Taylor is moving on the Black Sea dated 5-2-2014
Specifically, it is equipped with a system of information on marine commander conjugate (JMCIS2.2); no control over UNH fast response time of war; information system data 4A Link, Link 11, Link 14; information systems microwave WSC-3 (UHF) satellite communication system WSC-6 (SHF), USC-38 (EHF).

Boats can transmit and receive large amounts of data security worldwide through a variety of communication channels. Prominent feature USS Mount Whitney help Vietnam become a nerve center to handle intelligence and support for the decision correctly.

2 ships patrolling the area between the Black Sea (then added destroyer DDG-61USS Ramage), the Crimea and the Kerch Strait mere less than 200km to any move large troop movements in Russia Crimea and Russia pass from the Kerch Strait can be monitored.

In this situation, Russia assessment, but many Ukrainian troops but little army, navy and army border Ukraine this country can not afford to fight, most of the ships of Ukraine or awaiting decommissioning or too old.

Therefore, the statement that the Russian navy presence of available reviews in Crimea, Russia can control several key objectives such as government buildings, parliament and 2 airport Simferopol and Belbek strategy should decided not to dispatch troops to the country in order to avoid disclosure.

At the same time, Russia still maintains state information contact normal but the indicator stop orders on the radio and phone, only to exchange information with each other in liaison or a wired line, blocked to prevent theft collection.

The US and European experts noticed before, "the polite" appears in the administrative building Simferopol, no status bustling activity on electromagnetic waves or radio waves. So the campaign starts on totally unexpected 27-2 with Western intelligence.

Location deployed the USS Mount Whitney 2 (LCC-20) and USS Taylor (FFG-50) in the region between the Black Sea, Sochi horizontal, less than 200km from Crimea
Location deployed the USS Mount Whitney 2 (LCC-20) and USS Taylor (FFG-50) in the region between the Black Sea, Sochi horizontal, less than 200km from Crimea
Russia take action, change US carriers quietly turning

4g20 dawn on 27-2, Russian troops surrounded the parliament building and government Crimea, Ukraine lowered the flag, unfurled the flag of Russia. Also in the night 27-2, the "strange men" also surrounded and gain control of two airports Belbek and Simferopol.

Immediately, the process of replacing the government itself was conducted Kiev. Supreme Council of Ukraine's Crimea Autonomous Region morning 27/2 disbanded local government, dismissing Prime Minister Anatoly Mogilyov and elected body Kiev Sergei Aksyonov, the leader of the pro-Russian forces as the new chairman.

Referendum process was also decided on the day 27-2. "Under pressure" of a people's protest outside the parliament building, the coup government protests in Kiev, the MPs also voted in favor of organizing a referendum to decide the future of peninsula on the day 25/5.

Department of politically appointed, held by the government in the hands of Russia continued the 2nd part is occupied strategic positions and other positions of troops stationed Ukraine to disarm force. Meanwhile, the Kiev government took full control administrative agencies and military forces - security in Crimea.

On 28/2, 8 Russian military helicopters, four Ilyushin Il-76 with a large number of paratroopers and amphibious ships Zubr was transported from Russia to Ukraine.

On 2-3, 10 transport helicopters and Mi-8, Mi-24 beyond Russian airspace - Ukraine.

The same day, five transport aircraft IL-76 landed at the airport Gvadeiskoye (13km north from Simferopol), despite carrying commandos from Pskov, Tula and Uliyanovsk (Russia) to participate in the campaign.

A few days later, Russian troops were deployed has increased from 3,000 to 16,000, but still within the stipulated 25,000. Now, Kiev and the US have discovered the massive troop movements from Russia but powerless to do anything to prevent.

Russian troops guarding a military camp outside Ukraine
Russian troops guarding a military camp outside Ukraine
In turn, "the polite" and self-defense teams blockade of government buildings, the infrastructure and key military facilities Crimea. By this time, 11 border posts in Crimea has been disabled.

On 19-3, Sevastopol naval headquarters were raided by Ukraine, Sergei Gaiduk naval commander arrested. However, after the Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu intervention, he Gaiduk was released.

The same day, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has allowed soldiers in the Crimea Ukraine are allowed to use force. But it was too late. Within the control of Kiev only a few logistical point not communicate with each other. The campaign ended with the Russian army and military forces completely occupied Crimea peninsula.

On 5/3, commands that change the original American carriers get canceled. Minutes team quietly turned from the city of Piraeus Greece to Antalya, to wait for the new command at a base in Turkey. Conspiracy to oust the Black Sea Fleet of the United States was completely bankrupt.

Only the destroyer USS Truxtun, USS Donald Cook and escort ship USS Taylor was dispatched to the northern coast of Crimea with reasons joint exercises with Bulgaria and Romania to spying, sabotage the antenna system of the space center head-and-drop commandos in sabotage the referendum from 7-22 / 3.

However, during the process of occupation of the peninsula, Moscow also have to solve many complex event as the unit Ukraine determined not to surrender that Russian special forces are not allowed to shoot or for Russia recruit special forces Berkut of Ukraine to disarm the country's military.

In addition, Russia also used to plot out commando mess, safeguard the referendum on the peninsula, conspiracy to destroy the center of the universe destroyer USS Donald Cook, leading to the source of the attack it was Russian Su-24 "flexing" or neutralize Russia's conflict between ethnic minorities on the peninsula ...

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