The Vikings Experience at SM North Edsa

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The Vikings Experience at SM North Edsa

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I've knew of this restaurant a few years ago when my family went to SM Marikina. I found it odd at first that they picked "Vikings" for their name, but as I gathered information about the these nordic settlers in Europe, I realized that the name suits the restaurants theme.

Why the Name

I've written a summary of my findings, but the Vikings North Edsa Facebook page say it even better:

The Vikings were great warriors who once ruled the seven seas. They are known for their colossal ships, fierce spirit and their extravagant way of life. They believed that the world was theirs for the taking and would regularly hold grand feasts that would last for days on end; not stopping until their every want and need was satisfied. Their legacy of grandiose celebrations continues to this day here in Vikings Buffet.

Only Vikings buffet can provide you an ambiance of splendor while taking you to new worlds through food.

- Vikings, SM North Edsa Facebook Page

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With these in mind, incorporating these in a restaurant would give you an idea that the restaurant offers and encourages you to eat huge servings of food. And it is so, because Vikings (resto) often use the hashtag "eatlikeaviking" peppered all over their online webpages. 

Also, as stated in their fanpage, the Vikings restaurant lets you experience a Viking adventure like no other. With tasting different delicacies, you will feel like you've travelled and "conquered" places across the continent.

More About Vikings

Video credit: Vikings

Vikings is the absolute best buffet experience in the country, featuring a cornucopia of flavors that can't be found anywhere else. Now is the time to chow down like you have never been before. Gather up your friends and family and embark on your greatest food adventure yet. Be merry, eat hearty, and eat like a Viking today!

- Vikings

Boasting the largest buffet areas found in the Philippines, Vikings has redefined the standards of dining in class and style. Indulge in mouth-watering cuisines from across the world one plate at a time, specially prepared by our team of world-class chefs. Find yourself enchanted by each of our food selections–from European to Asian to American–our international cuisines feature over 400 delectable dishes for you to devour.

- Vikings, gallery

vikingsPhoto credit: Vikings via branches

About Buffet Restaurants

Vikings restaurant has a buffet setup--a table is assigned to you and you have to get different dishes around different serving stations without the help of a waiter. When you're satisfied with your selection, you go back to your designated chair.

Payment is fixed and charged per head, but most buffet joints give discounts to children and seniors. It has an eat-all-you-can but no leftovers policy, so if you have a big appetite, this type of setup is indeed a value for your money.

The Experience


Commuting to SM North Edsa was convenient because you have many options to take: taxi, Uber, bus, MRT, FX, and jeep. Take your pick.

The hassle was the traffic flow, especially if you travel during the rush hour. It took us about an hour to travel from our house to the mall, considering our home only less than 10 km from the mall. We only moved an inch from time to time so we had a little chit-chat with our Uber driver just to take away the boredom and stress.

The mall was a bit confusing because it had many annexed buildings; you need to ask the security guards patrolling as traffic attendants where you want to go and what building it is located. Vikings was on 4th floor, at The Block building, so it was located on the far right if you're coming from the south.

The Wait

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Here's where you need to be patient, because the line was really long even on weekdays. A long line of black monoblocks were juxtaposed outside of the restaurant.

There's the reception area on the left end of this line, where it has a digital signage of reservation number on the top. You are given a flying saucer thingy indicated with a number of how many chairs you have reserved for your group.

You need not remember your reservation number because they would call one of your group member's name. Even if the digital signage calls in for number 60, if the receptionist calls for your group, even if you're numbered 73, you will be given passage.

This happens because others just bail out from eating at Vikings because they can't wait for their turn (which was understandable, according to my experience). My sister bought some pastries from Starbucks just to have something to munch on while waiting for our turn. Even if we waited that long, it was worth it.

The Venue

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The place was really huge and it had a high ceiling. It was also intricately decorated, like what you see in hotels (or better than). Chairs were comfy and felt luxurious.

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If you went with a large group however, expect your group to be split in two or three tables.

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Food and Drinks

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Ah, this is the best part of it all. I can't really remember what I've eaten at Vikings, but as usual I go for seafood! This isn't a Yakiniku restaurant where you cook some of your picks on your table, but you would let the chef cook the food for you.

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I didn't take much; my seatmates were getting lots of diverse dishes from time to time, so I'd get from them.

I would say, the lamb was hard to chew on but it was my first time trying out lamb so I was still satisfied. The salmon was the best! It was flavorful, soft, juicy, what else? Haha, I think I would simply say perfect.

Cousin got some pizza-like finger food and it was delicious. I passed through the Chinese cuisine and made my way to what the Japs offer. I think I emptied the sashimi plate that time (I've even gone for seconds) because they really serve high quality sashimi.

They have taho and puto bumbong along with the usual dessert selections at a buffet. Expats and balikbayans loved the Pinoy desserts (my aunt and her friend did, so were my cousins).

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Vikings made my night complete because of frozen yogurt and sashimi! It was rare to serve both of these in one restaurant.

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I tried half a glass of beer because it was included in the fee, you know, just for the kicks. Initially, I wanted to try their wine, but wine and other liquor have added fees to it. I never really wanted beer, but I think it was ok (occasionally).

Wrap Up

Vikings, by far, has the largest food selection that isn't hard on the pocket when you compare it to hotel buffet restaurants. The dining experience here is superb because the ambience and taste Vikings has to offer is geniunely a premium one.

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