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The growth of social media is considered one of the main achievements of Afghanistan after 2002. This is particularly obvious with TV channels and programs. Currently, there are around thirty TV channels that offer different kinds of programs. Most popular are dramas, films, serials and movies from countries like India, South Korea, Iran, and recently Turkey. These programs open up new doors to Afghans and connect them to the rest of the world. However, I am wondering how TV would impact the lives of Afghan women.

One of the significant impacts of media is that it can depict women in non-traditional roles and characters. They also show gender mixing, educated girls and women who work outside houses. On the other hand, TV can re-impose traditional roles and believes about women, as well. For instance, TOLO TV, which is the first independent TV in Afghanistan used to air Bollywood movies and shows. One of the shows that became very popular in Afghanistan named “Once, Mother-in law was a Bride”. This drama particularly was about women, which portrayed women emotionally unstable and drama queens who always caused problems for their male family members.

Mona who is an Afghan filmmaker believes that TV programs are reflecting the current conflict between tradition and modernity in Afghan society. Media can encourage society to liberate women from traditional roles or it can emphasis on traditional norms and values. Mona says media is like a knife with two edges and the impact of it much depends on who and how to use it.


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Shakila currently studies Management Information Systems. She is interested in promoting girl education and women entrepreneurship.

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