Vote for 2015's Most Influential People in Bitcoin and Blockchain

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The narrative surrounding cryptocurrencies has changed in 2015, and so has the language. We no longer just talk about 'bitcoin', but use that other b-word: 'blockchain'. Institutional interest in bitcoin and blockchains has surged. Banks, exchanges and financial services firms are major players now. Last year, we asked you to vote for the 10 most influential people in the bitcoin industry – and you gave us this list. It included venture capitalists, a regulator, a bitcoin evangelist, a technologist then still brewing his big project, the twin figures behind Silk Road and the man behind Mt Gox. For 2015, our list of suggested nominees has similarly expanded. Included are representatives from brand-name financial services firms, disruptive startups and government organizations (as well as a few major mining firms) who we think impacted the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem the most in the last 12 months. But we're also inviting you to nominate anyone else who you believe has left an indelible mark on the blockchain terrain this year. We'll run this poll for two to three weeks, collate the 10 names with the most votes and then publish the results in mid-December. Update:We've now cut down the list to the top 20 based on votes. Please do vote if you have not done so, or if you voted for someone else before, and not one of these folks.


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