Women’s role in society

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Today in the 21st century, women are doing their roles in every walk of life. It is very important that we have to build our nation as strong to do hard work. Growth of any nation is not possible without the women. But the biasness still exists in the society. It is understood that women may use these opportunities in the name of freedom.  It is being heard from different people that they are not willing to let the women go outside for job. It is the need of the time to clear the concept of the society by gender discrimination. Ladies working outside the house are not good for them as compared to household. Development needs the equal rights to end the gender biasness. Many laws have been passed to protect the women rights but mostly people are not pleased as women don’t try to take action against their family member or to whom who is criminal in the name of family status or respect in the society. Women are being empowered in the society through public and private sectors initiative. It is very important to give the trainings on gender equality and human rights at community level not only Government Officials. Now a days our society is prejudiced from the Television Channels especially dramas which are representing women as an extra mood that’s another reason which made the society to secondary there women. Although typical disputes of mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws are being enjoyed by everyone as role model rather giving them positive role. Women empowerment thought development is only possible if they let themselves to realize the situation of national needs. It is need to change the concept of the people that they don’t need to let their daughter-in-laws to work in office and don’t sent them for school, so she don’t have any need to get higher education. Women are empowered but still bounded with old civilization and cultures we have made our concepts more multifaceted rather than Islam has given the flexibility. 

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