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Geena Davis-Women in Film Production

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Geena Davis-Women in Film Production

Geena Davis joined UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to promote gender equality in film production. Ms. Davis asserts that little progress has been achieved since 1990 in production of US based family films.

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One hundred years after more than a million women poured out onto the streets around the world on the first International Women’s Day, the United Nations (UN) used the anniversary today (8 Mar) to warn that despite the gains made much remains to be done to eliminate gender discrimination.

Speaking at UN headquarters, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon talked about the “historic transformation in many parts particularly in the Middle East and North Africa” calling for the need to observe women’s rights and empowerment in the region.

Ban cited the urgent need for significant progress in women’s and children’s health. He also noted that while in the realm of decision-making more women in more countries are taking their rightful seat in parliament, fewer than ten percent of countries have female heads of state or government.

According to the UN, even where women are prominent in politics, they are often severely underrepresented in other areas of decision-making, including at the highest levels of business and industry. This year’s observance focuses on equal access to education, training, and science and technology.

Actress Geena Davis, who was also present at the meeting, talked about the representation of women and girls in the media. She added that “disturbingly there has been no progress in gender representation” in family films since 1990.

Davis, who founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media (GDIGM) and its programming arm, See Jane, works with the UN to encourage the media to present and investigate issues of grave importance to women and to use a "gender" lens when reporting.

She noted that “improving media images is just one facet of empowering women” adding that “our world can only improve when women and girls are given their rights as equal contributors and participants in all areas of society.”


Language: English

Year of Production: 2011

Length: 1:45 mins

Country: United Nations


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