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Harlem RBI

To provide inner-city youth with opportunities to Play, Learn and Grow. We use the power of teams to coach, teach and inspire youth to recognize their potential and realize their dreams. VISION: To be a model learning community where youth become healthy, educated and active global citizens who achieve excellence and change the world. VALUES: Teamwork, Respect, Diversity, Promise, Effort, Integrity and, of course, Fun! When Harlem RBI youth graduate from the program, they are expected to embody the attributes of our DreamList: • PHYSICALLY HEALTHY • CONFIDENT, COMPETENT AND CARING • ACTIVE CITIZENS • WORK-READY • HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES • COLLEGE GRADUATES TEAMMATES, FRIENDS AND FAMILY

You can see their updates on your content feed by subscribing to their profile page . For more information please visit Harlem RBI website .

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