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Amici Tombe Di Tarquinia

“The solution to the problem of the protection and the improvement of the artistic heritage is an institutional duty that the nation carries out through the “Soprintendenza”, but at the same time citizens are mandates and beneficiaries of its tutelage. Therefore, you must be pleased when citizens, and lovers of beauty convene to carry out a task concerning the integration and support for the protection and improvement of such heritage” (Ruggero Martines, “le tombe dipinte di Tarquinia (the painted tombs of Tarquinia) a non-profit association, extract from the Quotidiano – May 28, 2013.) The Association was founded in accordance with the “Soprintendenza of The Southern Etruria's Archaeological Heritage” (a regional office connected to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities) to promote the preservation and improvement of the UNESCO archaeological site of the “Painted tombs of Tarquinia”. For more information please visit Amici Tombe Di Tarquinia's website .

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