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Southampton MultiMedia Center (SMMC) is a non-profit, tax exempt entity formed in Southampton, New York. SMMC serves as both a digital literacy educational and training facility, a distribution center for Internet content and HD television production, and a professional video production facility for local government, educational, social, historical, and cultural institutions.

SMMC’s primary mission is to provide a unique opportunity for the Southampton community to have a professional, community-owned, community-centric facility which will develop a wide array of video content suitable for distribution on both the Internet, cable, and broadcast television. This content will be produced substantially from material created by local artists, writers, architects, chefs, farmers, fishermen, historians, community leaders, and other appropriate participants, as well as Southampton students and educational professionals. SMMC’s output will include original as well as archival and public domain content which can be edited and distributed for many purposes, with a view toward providing a window on the East End for a world wide audience.

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