Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund Donation - 280 kBM

Donate 280 kBM to the Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund.

Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund "AGFAF" helps young Afghan women, who are committed to working for gender equality and improving life in Afghanistan, pursue and finance educational opportunities in the U.S. AGFAF works in partnership with the students and their families in Afghanistan, a secondary school or college and an American host family.

The academic institutions provide coverage of tuition, room, board and certain other charges. The host family typically covers other normal expenses associated with a child in school. The Fund covers expenses which are beyond the capacity of the student, the academic institution, the host family and the natural family back home. These expenses can include airfare to the United States and back, visa fees, books, computers and healthcare. AGFAF also helps the students secure meaningful summer internships which could lead to long-term opportunities once they are finished with their education in the U.S.

Since 2008, AGFAF has aided 33 Afghan students achieve their educational goals.

AGFAF is administered by the Community Foundation of New Jersey, a registered 501(c)(3) charity.

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