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Aziza & Nedzib, Bosnia & Herzegovina to global citizens – lives of activism, rescues, struggle for identity, imprisonment, medical studies, political refugees and romantic love. Aziza Alajbegovic and Nedzib Sacirbeogovic met as teen students in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina - Aziza studying at Sarajevo's premier Islamic madresa and Nedzib from a long lined Bosnian family. As World War II raged, Aziza initiated a rescue of around 2,000 refugees threatened with extermination and that war's extensive ethnic cleansing pogroms. They jointly strived to save the unique identity of "Bosnian Muslims" under threat from fascist and authoritarian communist campaigns after the war. Married, imprisoned, medical students and refugees, the life of Dr. Aziza Sacirbey and Dr. Nedzib Sacirbey in many ways represents the struggle of so many others at that time. Aziza passed away over 20 years earlier, sons Muhamed and Omar along with Nedzib document the life of this unique couple who are everything but the stereotype of today's image of European Islam and the identity of a pluralistic Yugoslavia then and Bosnia & Herzegovina today.