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Bob Bryan (Director / Writer / Executive Producer / Director of Photography) understands the notion of the independent filmmaker and revels in it.

"Hollywood wasn't exactly beating down my door looking for a tall, bald yet handsome film maker. I was basically an outsider with no family, professional or romantic connections; so I had to hustle to make things happen! "

By being persistent and accepting the good will of strangers, Bob managed to break into "the bizness," initially as an actor turned cameraman, turned director, turned producer.

Some of his early freelance production credits include: Hill Street Blues, Hard Copy, Murphy Brown, Murder One, The US World Cup / Studio Pele', Up Close and Personal, Mad City, Deep Impact, The Truman Show, The Goofy Movie and fifty-nine (59) Interstitial Spots for The Discovery Health Channel etc.

The next creative step in Bob's eclectic career was to get his 45 minute Indie documentary entitled Graffiti Verite' ( produced. Looking realistically at his modest "no-budget" budget Bob decided to hire himself as the writer, executive producer,director, director of photography, audio-mixer and finally editor and publicist.

"For me, its all about believing in yourself, in order to get things done. Live your life passionately, prepare yourself, invest in yourself and take the plunge! It's not like you're throwing money away in Vegas.

I mean, my personal "affirmative action program" requires that I've got to put one foot in front of the other and "complete the mission". It's an action-oriented discipline that offers me zero excuses for failure."

Self producing and financing Graffiti Verite' (1995) was not an easy way to go. It meant making hard choices which impacted the everyday quality of Bryan's family life.

"I remember at that critical juncture in '95, I was either going to pay the mortgage on my home or put that money into my film. For me it was a supremely clear and simple decision for me to make... "To be or not to be!"

The results...? Every time I put more money into the film, I could feel it (the film) grow and expand as if it had its own life force. I was not about to abort it !!!

It was an amazing time and I was hooked. I chose to live vicariously through my film and go for it ! This of course resulted in some major "survival fallout issues" with my wife, as well as, almost losing my home of over 11 years.

The fact is, when you stop making mortgage payments for 6 months in a row; the banks are no longer user-friendly. The pressure was on!!"

"Everyday I bounced from Heaven to Hell. Creatively, I felt great, but in the "real world" we had no extra money for food, gas or bills. My personal checks were bouncing all over the place and honestly my life was a living hell... BUT I still believed full force in Graffiti Verite'.

Miraculously, 2 days before my "sympathetic bank" was to foreclose on my home and throw me and my family out into the mean streets (the day after Xmas), an angel disguised as a video distributor, Fed Ex'ed a substantial order and purchasing enough VHS copies of Graffiti Verite' to literally stop the eviction.

I was saved from the life shattering experience of having to tell my kids that its not that 'Santa Claus doesn't really exist or love you; it's just that daddy doesn't have any money'...

We immediately went out and bought a wonderful Xmas tree and celebrated the best Xmas Holiday Season that we've ever had," Bob shared.

"That extraordinary experience reinforced my belief in myself, the process and made me even stronger. It came right down to the wire!

I always share with folks that they've really got to be consciously careful of what they ask for.

The journey to realization involves allot of pain and sacrifice. There's no easy avoidance of the anxiety and soul shaking reality-check type drama that oftentimes accompanies that choice. "Believe me, the indie filmmaking journey is it's own
unique traumatic & dramatic experience yet paradoxically ... I love it! "

From there the Graffiti Verite' series has grown into a seven (7) part series that has captured a loyal and wonderful following. Most libraries and schools around the country have the Graffiti Verite' Series. (

The Series has garnered a CINE "Golden Eagle", The Educational Media Network, "Gold Apple", The Colorlab Award "Outstanding Documentary," The Telluride IndieFest "Best Documentary", The Honolulu Underground Film Festival "Best Documentary", The AVC Regional "Silver CINDY" award and many many other honors. (

Graffiti Verite' has also been honored by the Official Selection of the prestigious Telluride Independent Film festival, Mill Valley, Amascultura VIII Encontros Int'l De Cinema (Portugal), Honolulu Underground, Sinking Creek, Columbus Ohio Int'l, Napa Valley Wine Country, Central Florida, Carolina Film, San Jose State, The 2002 Hip Hop Film Festival and the Breckenridge Film Festivals. Texas A&M Film Festival "Audience Choice Award" for documentary, The Communicator Awards "Award of Distinction", the Freaky Film Festival "Best Documentary."

Graffiti Verite' has aired on PBS creating a phenomenal independent distribution network including Blockbuster Video, Tower Records, Hollywood Video, Sam Goody's, Musicland, Sun Coast Motion Picture Films,, Borders, Global Video, Baker & Taylor, and over 200 major on-line distributors and outlets (see

The GV Series is considered urban classics and are currently in world-wide distribution throughout public libraries, schools and commercial outlets.

Bob is now actively navigating the Graffiti Verite' Series through the exciting mobile digital revolution. DVD's and downloadable Mpeg 4 digital copies are now available for purchase.

Support the Indie Revolution !

Announcing the new Mpeg 4 download delivery system for Graffiti Verite': Read the Writing on the Wall.

Ideal for portable media: ipod, iphones, itouch, Sony Walkman or any players that accept the Mpeg 4 format.

Available in Mpeg4 format only and plays with most versions of Quicktime. Download Graffiti Verite' now at