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I am make short films.
Film making was my hobby initially, I made my short film in year of 2008, but with very limited budget and various other limitations it didn't turn out what I expected, but I was happy as it was the 1st time I was seeing something which I created, it gave me a different feeling altogether and I thought to continue it and make it little big next time, I made some short films after that, some were incomplete, some completed but left me with a incomplete feeling, every time while I was in the editing table I felt something missing. I had no training neither any prior experience in film making so each short film I made whether I was able to complete it or leave it midway taught me something. Slowly I started realizing that film making was no longer a hobby for me, it was becoming my passion, a never ending passion and it was getting stronger each day. It was then in 2012 August, I started working on "Payback" script, a suspense thriller (my favorite genre), by end of September the shooting was complete and then it took around 3 months more, for video and sound editing and preparing the background score. By January, 2013 it was complete.
Every time I see it, I feel I could have done it better. Maybe this feeling of mine keeps me driving for more.

Presently I am working on the script of my next short film, I am planing it bigger than Payback this time.

For me, film making is a journey and I am happy that I have started it.